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If you are interested in our products or need more info please contact us via telephone or e-mail us via the contact page. If you would like to buy, please phone us or send us a message via the system, our online buying is not operational. We will get back to you ASAP on payment details, delivery etc. Please dont place orders under anonymous, these orders are deleted automatically. 


Coffee is our Passion.

We are a family run business, dedicated to offering our customers, personalized service and expert advice on everything coffee. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy their favourite coffee in style. We have a wide range of coffee accessories, anything you would need to make your coffee experience that much more pleasurable.

The Coffee Company stocks exclusive brands such as Ritzenhoff and Alessi, which include stunning designer pieces for your home. We also have Italian Gaggia coffee machines guaranteed to make your coffee experience unforgettable . We also sell the famous Moka pots designed by Bialetti. We stock Chemex and Hario coffee accessories, Hario and coffee siphons as well.

Coffee variations: Arabica and Robusta beans

Arabica varieties Arabica is the oldest known coffee variety. It is particularly prone to disease and pests, which makes it difficult to cultivate. Arabica mainly grows on high plateaus and volcanic slopes at 800–2000 metres above sea level. Arabica coffee grown at high altitudes is particularly sought after. The altitude of the region of origin is one of the decisive quality factors. Arabica varieties produce somewhat longer beans that are greenish-blue in colour with a pleasant, mild and aromatic aroma and a rounded, fruity to slightly acidic flavour. Arabica vs Robusta Robusta varieties Robusta coffee is very different from Arabica varieties. Robusta was named because of its greater resistance to disease and pests and its tolerance of higher temperatures and wetter conditions. Robusta generally grows in the tropics at lower altitudes. It grows faster and produces a larger yield. It produces smaller, rounder beans containing about twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans. Robusta coffee has a powerful, edgy and full flavour but a less noticeable fragrance.

WE WILL BEAT ANY PRICE and we are approved ALESSI agents - We also do the best wrapping, only in store.

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